4 Benefits of Argan Oil on Natural Hair & Extensions

4 Benefits of Argan Oil on Natural Hair & Extensions

Argan oil is rapidly becoming a favorite product for hair protection and treatment. From hair growth to anti-aging, its benefits are vast, and those with natural hair and hair extensions are now finding new ways to use argan oil to nourish their troubled tresses. Here are four benefits of argan oil on natural hair and raw hair extensions


1. Restores Softness and Shine

Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which covers your scalp and hair with a natural layer of moisture, protecting your curls from the elements, and preventing dryness and breakage. This, in turn, restores your hair’s natural shine, bounce and alleviates hair from environmental frizz. The fatty acids lubricate your hair shaft and help it maintain moisture by forming a non-evaporating layer around your hair. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants that your hair will happily soak up for added protection.


2. Improves Scalp Health

The health and strength of your hair come down to its roots. Argan oil has polyphenols, which contain antimicrobial properties that keep your scalp clean and free of irritation or inflammation. Argan oil is rich in bioactive compounds that help soothe your scalp, reducing redness and itchiness. For the best results, purchase the oil from trusted professionals such as Z Chic Salon and Extension. Start off with putting a few drops in your hands, and applying it to freshly washed damp hair for the best results.


3. Heat Styling and Coloring Damage Protection

If you frequently use heat styling tools, you’re increasing your chances of damage to your hair and your extensions. But the good news is, argan oil can help you prevent damage from styling and washing. This is because of its fatty acids, which act as a protective layer that coats each strand of hair. And if your hair is already damaged, regular application of argan oil will repair it as the numerous vitamins and minerals are more effective in revitalizing hair. They help normalize your hair texture, making it strong and healthy.

The molecules in argon oil are small enough to penetrate the cortex of your hair. As the oil gives your hair a shiny appearance, it’s also moisturizing and rejuvenating from inside the hair shafts. Argan oil has been found to reduce coloring damage caused by hair dye after color processing and extend the life of your hair extensions.


4. Promotes Hair Growth

Argan oil is effective in strengthening your hair by naturally enhancing the follicles, which promotes a healthy growth phase. What’s more, it boosts keratin production, an essential hair protein that further stimulates this growth.


Best Argan Oil for Raw Hair Extensions

Now that you know the benefits that come with argan oil, you can comfortably incorporate it into your hair care routine or style it with your favorite raw hair extensions. Our mission at Z Chic Salon + Extensions is to provide a relaxing, personalized experience and help our clients get the best in hair care. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find quality products to make every day a good hair day.

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