Get Ready for the Beach and Avoid Fried Hair this Summer!

Get Ready for the Beach and Avoid Fried Hair this Summer!

Fried hair is not just a figure of speech!

Not only does sun exposure tend to dry our skin, but ultraviolet rays of the sun actually "cook the hair shaft." The damage is most obvious when we see color-treated hair becoming faded, bleached, and brassy.

Even hair that isn't colored will suffer from sun-induced stress. Those UV rays dry out hair and rough up the normally smooth cuticle (or outer layer) of the hair shaft, which can result in frizz and/or moisture loss. The drier the hair, the more prone to frizz. That's because parched hair soaks up the extra humidity in the air, causing the shaft to swell and leading to breaks in the cuticle. Hair puffs up and goes every which way but smooth. YIKES!


Swimming can beat up your hair as well. The chlorine that we love to do the breaststroke in can strip the hair of it's natural oils and cause blonde highlights to turn greenish. This is because there are copper molecules and other pool chemicals that bind to the protein in the hair shaft.

A dip in the ocean stresses hair in another way. The heavy salt content in seawater draws water out of your hair and skin, causing them to shrink and be dry. But Summer does not have to be the death of good hair days! To continue enjoying gorgeous hair and a wet Summer, follow these three tips:

  1. Start Summer with a Trim

Why are trims important?


Trims help to maintain full, moisture-balanced hair and have the added benefit of eliminating frizz and breakage from your ends. To maintain optimal hair health, we recommend a trim every 8–12 weeks depending on your hair texture and hair care routine.

The great thing about a trim is that it can be tacked onto your other salon service. So, if you are already in the salon, make sure to let your stylist know, and they would be happy to clean up your ends during your session.

  1. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning treatments are extremely beneficial for helping you achieve shiny, well-managed locks. During our deep conditioning services, we utilize Naked Moisture Whip conditioner, which results in stronger, moisture balanced, and glowing strands!

It's a honey, almond oil, and keratin enriched conditioner that helps protect your hair from heat and sun damage, so you can continue to soak up those rays with no fear of damage or surface residue weighing your hair down. Visit our location to pick up your bottle today!

  1. Prep Your Hair before Diving In

Whether it is pool water or ocean spray, the strong chemicals and salt they contain can do a number on your hair. Here are 7 ways to protect your hair before taking the plunge:

  1. Thoroughly wet your hair beforehand. You'll minimize the amount of chlorine and salt your hair absorbs.

  2. Use protective products. Applying argan oil will counteract chlorine penetration while providing moisture to your strands. This will also outwizz the frizz. Hair that's healthy and well-maintained is your best defense against frizz

  3. Put your hair up in a protective hairstyle. There are many protective hairstyles you can rock this summer, from flat twists to buns to braids—the world’s your oyster! Skipping the hot tools or limiting it to once a week will give your hair a much needed break on vacation.

  4. Ditch the swim cap. Having a swim cap that is too snug on your scalp could result in pulling and tugging on your hair and edges, leading to breakage, so it's best to skip it.

  5. Use a clarifying shampoo. When you get out of the pool, use a clarifying or normalizing shampoo on your hair to get rid of the chlorine and buildup that you accumulated during the swim. Always follow a clarifying shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo to help replenish the hair’s moisture before conditioning.

  6. Apply a deep conditioner spray. Just like in Tip #2 we cannot recommend this enough—conditioning is king. Check out our favorite here.

  7. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. It's best to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair after swimming as opposed to a brush. This will prevent added stress to the hair that could lead to potential breakage.

Now that you know how to protect and maintain your luscious locks, you can comfortably incorporate these tips into your hair care routine or style it with your favorite raw hair extensions. Our mission at Z Chic Salon + Extensions is to provide a high-end, personalized experience and help our salon guests get the best in hair care. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find quality products to help you achieve the hair of your dreams this summer.

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