Luxury Extension Hair Care Guide

Luxury Extension Hair Care Guide

Luxury Extension Hair Care Guide



You just received your luxury Z Chic Salon hair extensions and you're wondering what's the next step?

Be sure to always co-wash your hair extensions before your first installation to make sure the hair is clean and defined in it's natural state. Be mindful that your extensions behave like natural hair and can collect product build-up and particles just like normal hair does. To keep your textured hair lustrous, co-washing is a MUST!

Co-washing involves cleansing your hair solely with conditioner and cutting down the use of shampoo products. No matter the texture, length or hair extension product purchased, all of our extensions are co-washed prior to the first install.

Benefits of co-washing hair extensions includes decreasing dryness, decreasing frizz, increased luster, increased softness, and of course cleansing the hair of any factor products used. We recommended the following for co-washing our hair extensions. Redken All Soft Conditioner with Argan Oil

Naked by Essations Luxury Smoothing Conditioner

Naked by Essations Moisture Whip Conditioner

Think of cleansing conditioners as a shampoo and conditioner all in one—the gentle formulas cleanse your extensions while conditioning, detangling, adding shine and moisture. Unlike a traditional shampoo process, conditioner is free of detergents and foaming agents that can sometimes leave hair dry, dull, or damaged if overused. When it is time to shampoo extensions and rid them of product buildup, sweat or oil, we recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo to preserve the natural moisture balance of the extensions.

To use a cleansing conditioner or co-wash: 1. Keeping your extensions in the original zip ties, saturate the extensions in lukewarm water. 2. Simply massage a quarter-sized amount throughout wet hair, distribute the product evenly throughout the extensions working your way from the ends up to the roots. 3. Using a wet brush, working the product through being sure to brush from ends to roots. Let the product sit for 5 mins, rinse and repeat. 4. Following the 2nd application, rinse the hair completely with cool water until all residue has been removed. Using wet brush, stroke through the extensions then allow hair to hang and air dry. Use a leave-in conditioner like the Redken One United or a lightweight dry oil like the Oil for All to help seal in moisture and decrease drying time.

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