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The Clip-In Install:

If you are ready to add some volume or length to your natural hair, or just want to go for a longer look but don't have time for the whole salon thing, than clip-ins are perfect! Now is the perfect time for natural hair enhancements, right before the holidays! Grab a set for your favorite girl!

  • Each clip-in set is complete with 6 pieces for fullness and versatility (very thick)

  • Double-wefted for durability and longevity

  • Natural brown to light brown (1B-4)

  • 1 set recommended to add fullness to natural hair, 2 sets recommended for length and fullness.

  • Last Up to 24 months

Z Chic Salon luxury clip-ins are easy to install and can add instant length and/or volume in a matter of minutes! Clip-in extension services are also available at Z Chic Salon + Extensions. Choose "in-store pickup" option and Reserve your Clip-In install online today!

A Few Tips for Installing:

  • Organize clips pre-install to make sectioning go faster.

  • Always start installing in the BACK, behind the nape.

  • Tease roots to create a soft cushion for comfort and to prevent slippage.

  • Remove clips at least every other night to prevent breakage.

  • Cleanse using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

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