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The Hair Colorist's Formulation Guidebook

The Hair Colorist's Formulation Guidebook

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I am so happy you're here. If you don't know already, my name is Zee and I am the creator and founder of The Formulation Guidebook. After years of perfecting color theory and working tirelessly behind the chair to create the best, most unique and custom colors for my guests, I would get asked time and time again by stylists "HOW did you get that color?!" Then one day it hit me - why don't I create a book to help them curate their own amazing formulas? - Voila, The Formulation Guidebook was born! 

Hair color services can be confusing and complicated, period. If you're like most cosmetologists who graduate from a program to venture off into the industry, you have realized that cosmetology school merely scratched the surface of color theory. A much deeper understanding of color theory + formulation is needed to really grasps the concepts and perform with confidence. 

This curriculum was curated to help you understand the fundamentals of color theory and the color wheel. It includes an in depth explanation of formulation, undertones/hues, neutralization, product knowledge, the why’s and how’s to creating formulas and mixing color. I also included some of my favorite products on the market and full access to a few of my go-to color formulas! 

I did not want to blindly lead you into guessing the color of the outcome purely off a catchy, descriptive name or number - I wanted you to see and experience it for yourself!
(as a stylist, I know how important that is). Each section in The Formulation Guidebook will be broken down from beginning to the end of the hair color formulation process. 

This is your new best friend in the salon, your handy dandy (formula) guidebook. My hope is that this book inspires you to go into the salon everyday with confidence. Sprinkling all the hair magic dust to you, with love.

In this E-book you will:

  • Grow a deeper understanding of hair color theory and the color wheel
  • Learn how to give a thorough consultation and hair analysis 
  • Formulate intentional and complimentary tones 
  • Build more confidence in you hair color knowledge behind the chair
  • Increase your income by thousands a year

If interested in learning about color placement and techniques, one-on-one and group classes are available in salon. Contact me at


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